About TIM

Tim Hales was born in 1947.  He enjoyed an eye-opening education at Leeds Art College in the late sixties where he met many creative and inspiring people.  He subsequently found work as a colour planner in industrial lithographic printing, but this led to a working life which had very little to do with creative art. 
He continued to draw and produce cartoons, but only occasionally dabbled in painting.  Since retirement he has resumed this first love and is now determined to make up for lost time.

Tim works mostly with acrylic paint on board.  His paintings are abstract at this time, but he likes to make ambiguous reference to landscapes or figures that could be read in different ways by the viewer.
He obviously likes to work with strong, bright colours, and hopes that his images are entertaining and playful.  Among others he particularly admires the work of David Hockney, Francis Bacon and Alan Davie, but has sometimes been disenchanted when they have stolen his ideas.